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About Wolverine BSC

Wolverines are some of the most misunderstood creatures in the wild. For one, they’re the largest and fiercest weasels, not wolves, and completely unrelated to dogs or bears. The are also excellent hunters, with territories spanning 600-1000 square kilometers. Although not endangered, wolverine numbers are declining rapidly near human populations, as they are shot by huntsmen for sport and fur, while their environments are deforested for lumber and farmlands.

$WLVR aims to protect wildlife through our signature token – with benefits to our investors such as minimum taxes, RFI and consistent marketing looking to increase our exposure and the value of $WLVR. Investors can rest assured that this is a token they can sleep on. We are looking to partner with, and eventually form our own charity dealing with the direct protection of wildlife – investors will benefit through our NFTs on multiple platforms. Part of the received profits will be put into liquidity, increasing the value of all tokens held.


WLVR Business NFT Collection

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The Wolverine team is a tight-knit, talented group with a shared vision of delivering on their promises and ensuring great results for investors, whilst growing our presence in the Binance Smart Chain with constant releases and the development of new use cases.

We’re proud of the team we’ve built – with experience across the board in established industries, such as legal, graphic design, entrepreneurship, tech development and marketing. Wolverine defines itself by bringing together talented people with the passion to innovate the Cryptocurrency industry. All our developers are unique individuals who are united by a set of three core values that apply to everything we do.

Be Bold:

Be proactive in the community while making effective decisions. We take responsibility alongside our investors in ensuring the success of our token by trying new things and taking initiative.

Be Together:

Our team plays an active role in the project, supporting our investors and collaborating with others.

Be Better:

We strive to outperform our competitors in work ethic and community involvement. With our rewards based approach to community growth, we will always give back to the community that helps us grow as a project. Building, developing, training, retaining and engaging the Wolverine community is a daily commitment. We work hard every day to make sure that our developers are supported and empowered to deliver exceptional results for our investors.


Website and social media platforms will be made publicly available.
Pre-launch marketing starts.
Trading will be made available upon the conclusion of the presale.
CoinGecko Application.
CoinMarketCap Application.
Multi-platform paid marketing campaigns.
Applications for listings on smaller coin aggregators.
Giveaways to our community.
Community choice of our first charity donation.
Development of our first NFTs.
First donation to the community chosen charity.
NFTs released to AirNFT for purchase.
NFT giveaway to community members.
Development of a DAO and partnership with other projects for a staking and yield aggregation
platform. Regular updates will be given on its progress.
Merchandise produced and distributed.
2nd community choice charity poll or vote.
NFTs continue to be produced on BEP-20 and minted on AirNFT.
Create a website dedicated to crypto DYOR techniques and technical analysis.
Giveaways to our community, in NFT
Join us and watch us Develop for the future
Fight for the future